nobody’s perfect (except on facebook)

Ignore what you see on social media.
I’ve had these EXACT comments on some of my posts…
“I wish I could cook like you!” “What can you NOT do?” “You are goals.” “Y’all are perfect.” “I wish I could achieve everything you do get done in a day.”

So I figured I’d let y’all in on my secret.
It’s all LIES.

Long10       Long9

Screenshot_2017-04-30-19-16-14.png        image1

You only see the good parts. You see the perfectly plated meal with perfect proportions (try saying that five times fast). You see the clean, happy kids. You see my clean house. You see my sewing projects. My vegetable garden. The funny moments between me and my husband lip syncing in the car.
There’s nothing wrong with sharing those things. I try to keep my social media pretty positive. Who wants to log in and read about a bunch of negativity?! Not me. So I tend to post my accomplishments. The happy times. The good things.

But here’s what you don’t see…
The times we skip out on a home cooked meal and opt for Lunchables or Little Caesars.
How my main outfits consist of Sean’s big t-shirts and no bra.
Dousing myself in Stress Away oil every day to help avoid losing my 💩.
The times I feel like the worst mom in the world for blowing a gasket and going psycho mommy on my two kids.
Feeling like a horrible wife for taking a bad day out on my husband.
Feeling like a garbage bag with legs because I haven’t done my hair or makeup in a week.
Our yard that never gets mowed because sometimes my husband gets the lazy bones.
My laundry that piles up weekly because I procrastinate.
My sink FULL of dishes and fridge full of week-old leftovers.

And that’s just the beginning.
You don’t see the bad or the ugly.

I’ve been a victim of Facebook stalking the girl with the perfect life, comparing everything she does to what I do. I walk away feeling like my kids need to go to boot camp and that I need to buy a couple nice expensive puppies.

Don’t get me wrong. SHARE the good things. Post the meal you’re proud of making. The perfect family photo. Brag on yourself a little and share the happy times because the world always always needs more positivity.

But quit comparing your life to everyone else’s and feeling like you’re not doing good enough, when all you’re seeing is half the story. You’re comparing your life to a series of posts that are only the GOOD portion of what that person’s life is actually like. Everyone has their bad times, but those times usually don’t get plastered all over the internet for everyone to see. That doesn’t mean those times don’t exist. The ugly is just as real for the perfect girl you stalk on Instagram as it is for you. She just doesn’t post about it. And that’s okay. Like I said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sharing only the joyful times in your life. It’s only when you start scrutinizing yourself that it becomes a problem.

So next time you’re doing your daily scrolling and start to feel jealous, insecure, or like you can’t possibly live up to the standards social media sets, remember…
Flawless Instagram Girl is probably at home, locking herself in the bathroom, having a Lunchable and $6 bottle of wine for dinner while her hellion children swing from the chandelier… 🙃

-ASL ❤

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”
-Steven Furtick

Photo credits:
Zack Watts • Abundant Life Photography


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